General Information


The upcoming Guidelines meeting in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery will see the development of the first Internationally validated European Guidelines in the field of minimally invasive Liver surgery.
These newly established guidelines will have the peculiarity of including separate guidelines for both laparoscopic and for robotic liver surgery based on the most recent evidence in the field, particularly evidence produced after the Southampton Guideline which collected evidence until June 2016.
The guidelines will assess terminology, indications, instrumentation and their safety and validity, in addition to different other domains (see program).
The Guidelines will adopt a thorough scientific methodology, which will be similar to those used in the successful Brescia Guidelines on minimally invasive pancreatic surgery (EGUMIPS 2022) and the Southampton Guidelines on laparoscopic liver surgery (EGMLLS 2017). The upcoming meeting has great potential, considering its high scientific content.
This is also based on the involvement of over 100 European International experts in minimally invasive and open liver surgery.